Here are some set of tools and download links which can help you to crack , modify or even in development of your android devices . Android Developers will love it :P :D
  • Hack Code – The Hacker’s toolbox is an application for penetration tester , ethical hackers , IT admins and cyber security professional to perform different tasks like scanning and reconnaissance .DOWNLOAD NOW
  • AVD Clone – Clone an android virtual device for easy through the Android SDK Manager .DOWNLOAD NOW
  • APKInspector – This application helps you to inspect and reverse enginner android packages .DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Andro RAT – AndroRAT is a remote administration tool . This helps you to control and operate android device remotely and record calls. DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Droid Pentest – A set of android application for penetration testing . Complete pentration test platform. DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Android SDK – A software development kit that developers use to create applications for android platforms . DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Burp Suite – It is an integrated platform for performing security testing . DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Droid Box – It helps to develop and analysis android applications . DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Androguard – Create your own analysis tool. DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Android Framework for exploitation – Android pentest framework allows you to access the security of the smartphone . DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Android Network Toolkit ( ANTI ) – Map your network and scan everything , network analysis tool –DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Dex2jar – Lighweight pakage that provide you to work with .dex and .class files . DOWNLOAD NOW
  • JD-GUI – Standalone graphical utility .class files source codes . DOWNLOAD NOW
  • WiFi-Protector – Protect your wifi network DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Proxy Client – Proxy your phone DOWNLOAD NOW
  • WiFi Key recovery – Recover old android wifi keys which you forgotten. DOWNLOAD NOW
  • WiFi Killer – Kill all device on your wifi network. DOWNLOAD NOW
  • FaceNiff – Hack facebook ID on your wifi network. DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Xposed Framework – Install modules of xposed network and modify everything . DOWNLOAD NOW
  • No-Frills Overclocker – Overclock and underclock your phone to save battery. DOWNLOAD NOW
  • XDA Developer App – Most cool platform for developers . Everyone knows about it . DOWNLOAD NOW

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