Tails, linux based operating system specially designed and optimized to preserve users anonymity and privacy has launched its new release Tails 1.1.2.

Tails is one of the most trusted platform in cryptography, favoured by Edward Snowden and booted up more than 11,000 times per day in May.

Tails OS addresses single but critical vulnerability which arises because the Network Security Service(NSS)libraries parsed by Firefox and other browser is capable of being tricked into accepting forged RSA certificate signatures.

"We prepared this release mainly to fix a security flaw in the network security services(NSS) library used by Firefox and other products allow attackers to create forged RSA certificates ",written on their website.

"Before this release,users on a compromised network could be directed to sites using a fraudulent certificate certificate and mistaken them for legitimate sites.This could deceive them into revealing personal information such as usernames and passwords.It may also deceive users into downloading malware if they believe it's coming from a trusted site.",written on their website.

Tails come with following security updates;
  • Updrade the web browser to 24.8.0esr-0+tails3~bpo70+1
  • Install linux 3.16-1
  • Numerous other security updates that fix security issues: GnuPG, APT, DBus, Bash, and packages built from the blind9 and libav source packages.  
So this is going to be the most secured OS.

You can download OS from their official website at Tails OS download page.

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