If your Pen Drive is infected with any of the following viruses

* Autorun.inf
* new folder.exe
* Iexplorer.vbs
* Bha.vbs
* nfo.exe
* New_Folder.exe
* ravmon.exe
* RVHost.exe or any other files with extension.

Actually this viruses are hidden and can't be seen even after
you enable show hidden folders.
Following simple cmd command will change the attributes of
these files ,there after you can remove it by pressing delete
Follow these steps:

1) Type cmd in Run.
2) Switch to the drive on which pen drive is connected
   (like C:\> h:  press enter)

3) type command: attrib -s -h *.* /s /d       and  press enter
  (don't forget spaces).
Now you can see hidden virus files and you can delete them.

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