Now here we presenting some useful Airtel 2G and 3g Hacks working free
    Internet trick.I provide you this trick without any ads or surveys.


    The trick on basis of vpn in android via a Open VPN App.

    First we start with “ What is Open VPN??”

    • Open VPN is the Open VPN Software program which can be utilised or operated for creating or making the Secured Virtual Private Network.
    • However now-a-days it is most widely used for free internet tricks. All network operator trick can be used by NMD VPN Configuration.
    • Features of Open VPN Software:

      1. Freeware: zero cost for downloading and using it.
      2. Supports: All TCP and UDP port
      3. Requests: Supports all HTTP and HTTPS requests.

    First you Download  Open Vpn and  Airtel Open Vpn Configs from here 

    Download Latest Version of Open Vpn from Here
    • Install The open vpn app and open the app when he asks the config file .
    • Extract the config file foder and give the config file to open vpn app.

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