1. How to Download Facebook Videos

simply copy the URL of the video you want to download, then go to http://www.downvids.net/, paste your link and click download. Tada! Your video will be downloaded in few minutes!

2. Track Pending Friends Requests That You Have Made

sent a friend request but don't know if it has been accepted? Track your request by following below steps:

- Open Friend Request App apps.facebook.com/friendrequests after logging in to Facebook and allow the app to access your friend requests.
- Click on the find 'past pending friend requests', for tracing previous sent requests.
- Click on Get Friend Request data button and copy paste the code from the popup.
- Finally click on the load friend request button and you will get your list of pending friend requests.
- Click on suggested tab to get a list of suggested friends or you can click on Bulk upload friend tab to confirm requests people sent to you.
- You can cancel any request just by clicking the cancel button in front of user profile from the list.

3. Remove Facebook Advertisements

Yes it is possible if you use Google Chrome! The Fabulous extension for Google chrome, helps you disable the Facebook advertisements so you can enjoy the cleaner Facebook.

4. Customize Facebook colors and fonts

The Fabulous extension of Chrome is indeed fabulous! Not only will it help you to remove the Facebook ads as we mentioned above, but it also helps you to change the color of your facebook page! Sounds amazing no?

5. Create Cool text styles for Facebook

You can create stylish font text styles for Facebook status by using Webestools that converts your text in stylish font!

6. Choose Custom Title and Description for Links

You can choose a custom title and description for links you post on Facebook by clicking on them.

7. Send large files up to 1 GB on Facebook

Yes you read it right, you can send big files upto 1 GB directly from your Facebook. One can store files in the locker till certain number of days so that your friends can download them via pipe app on Facebook. Your friends can download them in upto 1 week time.

8. Find Who UnFriends you on Facebook

Yes we know that there are a lot of spam apps that want to tell you about the old friends that have unfriended you, but it is not just a trick. It is actually possible by using unfriend alerts application for Facebook. This app sends you notifications whenever any of your friends removes you from his/her friend list.

9. Disable Seen option in Facebook Chat

We know how tricky the new 'seen at xx:xx AM' feature on Facebook chat can get. Have you ever wished to disable this feature? Well here's the solution if you have chrome. Just install FB unseen extension to your chrome browser and your friends will never get notified when you read their messages.

10. Check Who Is Online and pretending to be Offline

So you think your girl friend is online and she is trying to ignore you by getting invisible? Well before you burst into a fight, try using this app. The Online now application will help you detect which friend is using Facebook secretly while keeping Facebook Chat offline.

11. Change Facebook Themes

If you think just changing the color of Facebook wasn't enough, how about changing the colors and whole look of Facebook website? Here is another amazing chrome/mozilla extension 'Facebook themes' that allows you to change Facebook themes. 

12. Facebook Fake Wall Post Prank

This is one real fun prank for Facebook which allows you to create custom Facebook status updates, alerts, events on the behalf of others. So get set to create status updates with name of famous celebrities by using thewallmachine and connect using Facebook account in order to proceed.

13. Login to Multiple Facebook account at a Time

By using Google chrome Browser, you can login to multiple Facebook accounts at a time. Open Google chrome and login to your Facebook account. Then click the settings tab and add a new user to chrome browser. It will open a new chrome window where you can login to other Facebook account. Now, you will be able to use and manage both accounts using the two chrome windows. In the similar manner, you can access as many Facebook accounts as you like using Google chrome.

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