What is your first reaction when you want to store information that interests you on a web page? You save in your favorites or bookmarks, and the site will join a varied list of pages sometimes outdated, more or less well sorted in folders or labels, to become unusable. There is a better solution to organize your collection of information on the Internet: Evernote. This software can not only host web addresses, but also and especially texts, images, sounds, annotations. Using labels allows a ranking wise. And as everything is centralized on servers Evernote, you can find it all on all your devices: PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets. So for your next birthday, your search for apartment or even to make a presentation, think about Evernote! Try it, love it!

Open an account with Evernote


Visit the web page and click evernote.com top right on the Create Account link. Enter an email address, a user name, a password, write down the numbers of test antispammers and click Register. Enter the confirmation code received via email and click Confirm.

Install Evernote on your PC

Click Download Evernote and click the link to computers / Windows. Save the file happens on your desktop, then double-click it to start the installation. After this, enter your credentials defined above and click Login.

Write your first note

First, create a booklet: File, New notebook, name, clickOK. Click on the small arrow next to the New Note button and choose Normal or handwritten notes. Give a title to your note (above) and enter it. Pick up the right book in which this note will row.

Create and apply labels

In addition to books, you can create labels and apply them to the notes. Choose File, New label, name it and click OK.Right-click on a note, in the center of the window, thenlabel the note, and check the appropriate box. On the left, the module does all the labels appear.

Install the Web Capture Tool

Appointment http://evernote.com/intl/fr/webclipperpage and click the green Get Web Clipper: he settled in your browser. Here for Chrome and clicking Add, a few seconds later, a new button appears in the toolbar. Click it, log in, then click Connect.

Take notes while surfing


Surf quietly and when elements attract your attention, select them with the mouse, and then click Web Clipper. In the window that appears, check book and / or labels assigned (es), choose what you want to record by clicking on the small arrow Save Selection.

Send a photo annotated via your smartphone or tablet


Evernote is available for mobile devices running Android.Open Google Play, locate and install Evernote, run the app and tap Connect to login. On the Home screen, tap the camera icon, take a picture, then Save it. On the next screen, type in a few words need to show your photo, press the bottom button bar to assign a label to your note (you can use the other buttons on this toolbar to change the text of your note) , and then click Finish. Note that the experiment is almost identical to iOS.

Post notes mail


On your computer, launch Evernote and then click Tools, Account Information, and note the address line Send by mail. The address provided by Evernote is a bit special: any text or photo you send via your usual e will be transformed into Evernote notes and will appear in your address book by default.

Exchange information with your friends

You can share a notebook with your friends "evernotiens" or with the world. Right click on the book to share, then click Share book. Then choose if you want to share with everyone, or just a few people. Enter a description or list of friends and validate Submit or Invite.

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