There are times whereby you might need to post an Html tag as plain text most especially for bloggers in “Blog niches”.
It is also needed when a visitor has to write some codes in the comment box.
Although,Blogger has really made it easier to post “html” codes as plain text in the New blogger dashboard,it still isn't helpful in situations when you need some other tags to function in a post.
So,to solve this,a tool has been provided by to make posting of codes easier and faster.

Here's How It Works...

When a html code is inputed in the textbox,the “Encode” button needs to be pressed,and the result when posted,is shown as live codes.
To integrate this widget in your blog,just Copy-Paste the following code snippet preferably into a Page[Learn how to create pages on blogger.]
Here's the code...
<form action="" method="post" target="blank">
<input value="y" name="s" type="hidden"/> <label for="pad">Convert text to HTML entities and vice-versal:</label> <textarea id="pad" rows="15"cols="60" name="pad"></textarea> <input value="Encode" name="submit" type="submit"/> <input value="Decode" name="submit" type="submit"/>

Live Demo

That's all.If you need further information about the usage of this tool,do not hesitate to leave a comment behind.

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