Best Start Button for Windows 8
If you are fed up with searching of windows 8 start button on various top websites of the internet and still are not satisfied with your start button then you are at right place.Today we will discuss about best start button for windows 8,which means it will be having all features similar to the button inwindows 7.

Few days,back when i installed windows 8 in my laptop,i was also looking for start button,i quickly searched on google,and saw various available options,finally i selected one of them as per my needs,but i started facing problems with them,like display,features,behaviour etc. were not good.So i was thinking that still it is not good,better i should look for another one,but i could not,as everyone of them was lacking in one feature or other. But from somewhere on the web i found this start button,which worked for me very well
Best Start Button for Windows 8
It is known as star Dock start 8.It was really awesome,providing full customisations to me but the only thing was lacking in this was that you cannot copy an item to its tabs like downloads,pictures,videos etc,which come out when you click on start,you were suppposed to click on them to open them,only then you could copy something,so this was a little problem with this,otherwise it was a great tool for me.

Few days back while browsing through various facebook groups,i found a new start button for windows 8,which is much better than this one and provides that feature that is absent in stardock.

This is it's picture and it is called as start is back.Here is a screenshot of how it looks
.It has all the features of windows 7 start button,so if you are looking for exactly same feature aswindows 7 button used to give you should download it.

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