Many users are curious about the future of the PC, you download the latest version of Windows8. Here are some advanced tips to know to take full advantage of the operating system. To quickly launch an application from the desktop, briefly press the Windows key and type the first few letters of its name. For example, to launch PowerPoint, briefly press [Win] (Start screen appears) and start typing P, O, W, E, R, P, then confirm with Enter. The software launches.

1 lancement

Find your apps on the Store

The Windows Store offers no option to display all the available apps at once, in all categories, in order to more quickly identify new. But the search function ofWindows 8 overcomes this limitation. Call Talisman Search (Win + Q),enter "*" in the field, and then select Store Windows in the right list. All apps will be displayed. Deploy the menu and select Sort by ... Sort by New. Note that traditional software intended for the Windows desktop are also presented (you can recognize them mention "Application for the office").

2 toutesapp

Use the available options in Metro

Metro applications have a "context bar" or "bar options", which includes the secondary functions. Bar is displayed on a touch screen, just make a slip of the finger from the top of the screen to the middle. With the mouse, you click the left mouse button. When you have both hands on the keyboard, you can use the key combination Win + Z and press the "menu" on those who are equipped!

3 optionscontextuelles

Call Panel

Windows 8 has two Control Panels. The classic, the Office of the universe and the Metro. For the first call, switch on the desktop (Win + D), then press Win + I and selectControl Panel. For the second, press Win + I and clickChange settings of the PC.

4 panneauconfig

Power off Windows 8

Press the key combination Win + I to display the Settingspanel and click Start / Stop!

5 arreter


This is the "Killer Feature", the big idea of ​​Windows 8.Instead of defining a traditional login, you can use the LiveID account (now renamed Microsoft Account) to authenticate to the computer. By doing so, your favorites, your customizations, your apps, follow you from one machine to the other services and Microsoft recognize you automatically without you needing to login. You can check the information automatically synchronized from one machine to the other going from the Bar Talismans Settings (Win + I), then change the settings of the PC, and then synchronize your settings.
6 loginliveID

Start on the desktop

By default, Windows 8 always starts on the famous Start Screen "Metro". If you prefer to start the desktop: pressWin + X to activate the advanced menu of the desktop.Select Command Prompt (admin). Enter the command
copy "% userprofile% \ links \ desktop.lnk" "% userprofile% \ app data \ roaming \ microsoft \ windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ Startup" At reboot, the Start screen will be displayed briefly, then the display will automatically switch to the desktop.

7 prioritebureau

Disable lock screen

Very handy on a tablet or notebook, screen lock less useful on a real PC. To disable it, press Win GPEDIT.MSC enter and confirm with Enter. Go to Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Control Panel, Personalization. Double-click Do not display the lock screen. Click Enabled, and then click OK.

8 pasdeverrou

Name the groups

On the Start screen, the tiles can be grouped together, simply by moving the mouse. It is also possible to assign these groups to more easily identify. Switch Semantic Zoom(Ctrl + -), right-click a group and select Name the group.

9 nommergroupe

Find Media Center

Media Center is no longer included by default. To recover Windows 8 Preview Release, call search (Win + W) and enter Add Features and select Add Features to Windows8. Click I already have a product key. Enter the key-MBFBV W3DP2-2MVKN-PJCQD-KKTF7, then click Next and continue with the wizard.

10 mediacenter

A PIN code to login

The security of your PC, it starts with a good password both lengthy and complex. This is especially true onWindows 8 when the LiveID is used to authenticate. Only enter this password every time you start is the only access to your PC quickly turns tedious. Windows 8 therefore proposes to use (just for connecting to PC) using a 4-digit PIN code as a mobile. To define it, go to Settings (Win + I) Change the settings of PC Users and click Create a PIN.

11 codePIN

Your media on the desktop

Windows 8, and music videos are replayed by default Metro.To use the player's desktop, open the Control Panel, clickPrograms, and then click Choose default program. SelectWindows Media Player from the list and click Set this program as default.
12 mediapardefaut

A Start Menu alternative

Want to find a menu with options Start headlights?Microsoft did not provide such an option, but you can use alternative tools to emulate. We will recommend two:ViStart (, which completely emulates the Windows 7 Start menu (do not install adware come with!) Or Classic Shell ( ), closer to that of Windows XP.
13 classicshell

And also ...

Make screenshots
Windows 8, pressing the key combination Win + PRINT SCREEN triggers a screen capture in PNG format, saved directly in the folder Images.

14 capture

The Charm Bar at your fingertips
Use the key combination Win + C to bring up the Talismans or Charm Bar Bar.

15 taisimans

Switch easily
Key combination Win + Tab shows the Switcher Bar. Alt +Tab displays the new switch box (including in Metro).

16 basculement

Find the home screen
Windows 8, the user is always welcomed by the lock screen.Simply press the space bar to find the home screen.

17 menuwinx
Go to advanced menu
To call the "super" Advanced Menu, which replaces the Start menu, use the keyboard shortcut Win + X.

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