Have you ever come across the error “Data not readable” while trying to recover/copy a data from your aged or scratched CDs and DVDs?

Have you ever wished you could get those important files back?,then worry no more…This problem often surface when you are trying to use a scratched disk/a disk which has not been used for a very long time,thereby making the datas contained in it lost forever.
But,here comes the good news.
There is this Computer software I discovered which is powerful enough to help copy those datas which are embedded in such a disk.
It's called “COPYCAT”
Just as the name implies,this software copies all those datas from the disk directly into your system.


CopyCat is a software developed by VCSoftware.
It helps to copy-out maximum bytes from a disk which an ordinary Windows copying cannot handle.CopyCat Screenshot.jpgIt skips totally-unreadable-bytes and extracts all datas which are still readable to the system for future referencing.

Features Of CopyCat.

  • It copies maximum data from unreadable Hard disks,Pen drive, Floppy drive, and other media drives.
  • It gives the option to skip bad area when found unlike Windows Copy operation which halts.
  • It copies data from highly damaged media ~ byte by byte.
From the image above,you will notice a command stating »
“Select number of bytes to be skipped if error found.”
Just choose 1 which is the Recommended value.
To get CopyCat on your PC,|FOLLOW THIS LINK.|

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