Increase Pen Drive Speed
Pen drive or you can say USB drive helps all of us a lot for carrying our data from on eplace to another.If pen drives would not be there,our life would be very hard,regarding data.In today's world time is extremely important for all of us and nobody wants to spend much time in copying data to usb/pen drive.So, we nned something by which our data copying speed gets increased.Generally a usb/pen drive enables to copy data at the speed of 5-6 MB/s.But if your Pen Drive File Transferring speed is slow here is the way to speed up the coping files on pen drive 

> Connect your pen drive
> Go to "my Computer"
> Right Click on "Removable device" which is your Pen Drive letter
> Now Select the Last Option that is "Properties"
> Go to "Tools" option
> Select "check disk error" and Click OK
> Now Again Right Click on your Pen drive and Select "Format" option
> Click on "Default value"
> uncheck the "Quick Format" option
> Click on Format

Note: Plz wait as this will take some time to finished
Tip: You can change your USB ports too,if you are feeling sudden loss in speed,each port allows different speed with which data copies,you can analyse and use best one.

So,this was all about  Increasing Pen Drive Speed,hope you enjoyed this article.Try it and."get speed get time"
Increase Pen Drive Speed

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