Hello friends,today we will describe about an amazing Facebook plugin which gives the option of changing the facebook colour scheme to anything you want using a colour selector.

As you are watching in the picture,the colour of facebook is pink,which became possible with the help of plugin about which we will describe.

This particular extension enables you to modify exactly how Facebook seems to a person. At first right after setting up Facebook can look to be the exact same as standard. To alter the colors, get around to some Facebook page after which click on the vibrant symbol within the address bar. 2 color pickers will show, through clicking on or even pulling the crosshairs as well as arrows you are able to choose 2 colors whilst your Facebook will certainly instantly change to these types of brand new colors. Once you have chosen brand new colors after that Facebook displays all of pages within this colour pallette for you personally. And when you would like, you are able to return back to the standard colors along with 1 click on the hyperlink underneath the color pickers.

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