Many people are looking for "how to change the way status is made on facebook",just to make an impact over the friends and to look different from others.Most people do this just to have a prank over their friends and to get more likes on their status.Everyone wants to be unique on facebook.So techno craze is providing you a great way of doing this with least efforts.
How to get Colored text, bold, underline, smilies in Facebook StatusSocialPlus! is an extension for Facebook, it adds new features that allow you to create your own Facebook customized according to your tastes, desires...
First Download the Social plus Plugin from


 After installing,you have to restart the browser

After restarting and logging to your facebook account,you will see something like this

 Click on it and you will see various options like 
  • Manage functions
  • Filters
  • Profile skin
  • Invite
  • Bug Report 
  • Update social plus
They are actually some other functions provided by this app.
Now,you need to click on your status box and you will see few new options like this
As you are watching a color box which will provide a colour to your post.Similarly Bold,Italic,underline and Strike-through options are also there to make your status more specific. 

 This is the status which i have updated through this app.Similar or more better can be yours,so stop waiting do it immediately and have a prank over your friends.Enjoy

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