Friends do you know the fact that Facebook has also introduced antivirus for itself,which means for your account NOT FOR YOUR PC.You must have heard about it on facebook,on any page or in a group or somewhere else.When,i first heard about it,didn't paid much attention to it as i thought it may be an antivirus for pc.Then somewhere i saw that it is for facebook,i immediately installed it.Taking place of scams and hacks are very common these days,few days back someone hacked my laptop from Bangladesh and deleted my all articles,by my brain i recovered them.

So,you all know that remaining secure is how much important for us,specially on social sites and more generally-online.Here i am going to explain how to install antivirus on  your facebook account.

1.First Log in Facebook than go to

2.Click on "Go to app"

3.Then,following window will open,click on allow

4.After this following window will open.I dont need to explain anything here,as everything is quite clear.From here,you can check if any problem is there on your account or not

Here,one important thing you need to do immediately is to turn "automatic scan on"
by selecting and dragging red bar,it will automatically turn green
That's it.Now share the news and invite friends to keep them safe too by clicking options given below.enjoy.Facebook Antivirus

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