There are some javascripts which also functions thesame,but all the one's I tried either failed to work,or just functions as a 'Random post widget',because the posts displayed are always far from being related to the present post.
To get this gadget,simply go to this site and fill out all the boxes with the appropriate answers.
You do not need to signup to the site.
Once you fill in your Email address and Blog link,just select which platform your blog is hosted and the number of post you want to display for each post.After that,click on GET WIDGET.
You will be taken to a new page where you can change the default name of the widget and prompted to select the blog you would like the widget to appear ' if you have more than one blog '.
Having done that,just click on ADD WIDGET.
That's all.You can now view your blog to confirm.
NOTE:The widget includes no ads.

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