facebook.pngAs we all know that Facebook does not allow users to upload mp3 files to facebook,even though videos are allowed.
In this post,I'll be showing us an easy way of doing this.
In this method, we are not going to upload mp3 on Facebook directly,but through a site which allows you to share mp3s on facebook.
YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING HOW POSSIBLE THIS IS.All you 've to do is follow this instructions.
  • First of all,visit this site.
  • Click on "SIGN UP" or connect via your Facebook account if you don't want to waste your time signing up.[Though,it's advisable not to give your facebook password to a third party site].
  • After completing the Sign Up process,visit your e-mail to confirm the subscription.
  • Now login to the site given above and search for the song you want to share on facebook.If you do not find it,or you want to upload your own recorded song just upload your song to the site.
  • After uploading,share your song on Facebook and enjoy!!!.

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