Hello friends,today we are back with an important and great Facebook trick and plugin.With this plugin,you can Insert Image in Facebook Login background.

This amazing facebook plugin helps you to change your login background,with the picture of your choice.Whatever you will like,you will get the same as background of your login page.This will provide relief from boring regular background.Even you can use it to have a prank over your friends.

Refresh your Facebook login with your own custom design!NEW!!! VERSION 2.0 BETA IS OUT! UPLOADING IMAGES IS NOW SUPPORTED PLUS - MANY OTHER NEW SETTINGS ********************************** Set your own custom background as your FB login wallpaper! Version 2.0.1 BETA (7/12/12)

After more than a year of no updates FB Refresh gets a huge overhaul but still works as good as ever. What's new? All this...

- Total personalization utilizing the built-in Concept Editor.
- Picture Upload! An extremely asked for function lets you upload a picture from the pc. Remember that all of pictures are generally uploaded to your GENERAL PUBLIC picture spreading web site imgur.com. We are definitely not accountable for your own pictures becoming openly noticeable on the web. Be sensible about what you upload.
- Modify Facebook logo design to darkish or lighting to get greatest visibility.
- Picture Size options enables you to select a particular size for the picture. You may also pressure the image in order to extend to the internet browser size.
- Picture Search which instantly discovers pictures fit to your display screen image resolution.
- Box color option along with built-in colour chooser to improve the actual clear sign in containers colour.
- Label color options along with built-in colour chooser to improve the written text colour to 1 that fits the box colour.
Version 1.7.1 (5/29/11)
Fixed error on my part that caused the new button to not work. Oops!

Version 1.7 (5/27/11)
I have been asked several times how to change the background image. This can be done on the extension's settings page, however that can be tricky to find. A new button providing easy access to settings has been added. This button is located directly above the "Login" button. 

Version 1.6 (5/9/11)
The name has been changed from "Facebook Refresh" to FB Refresh, due to trademark issues.

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Tired of seeing the same bland FB homepage every time you login?
Well then it's time to Refresh your FB with your own custom homepage design!

FACEBOOK Refresh enables you to set the customized picture LINK as your own FACEBOOK home page wall picture. This enables limitless likelihood of personalization! You won't need to view the exact same sign in web page all over again :)

This particular extension presently utilizes CSS along with minimum JavaScript. Which means that it is extremely quick launching. We have simply rearranged as well as re-designed the FACEBOOK home page. The present standard background picture is actually loaded outwardly from the website which i own. It could take lengthier for this to launch the initial few times.

FB Refresh does not affect any other part of your Facebook, and NEVER has access to your personal data, passwords or anything of the like.

You can enter a custom image URL as the background. This means you can add an image of any dimension, including HD wallpaper. Remember, however, that the larger the image, the slower the load time. You can also t

To change the background image to one of your own:

#1 - Set up FB Refresh
#2 - Go to Facebook.com whilst logged out there.
#3 - Click on the settings "cog" symbol (simply over a sign in button)
#4 - Type in a picture LINK within the box or publish a picture as well as modify some other settings as you like.
#5 - Go to Facebook.com (when you are logged out there) and revel in!

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