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Friends,we have come in front of you today with an awesome Facebook plugin by which you can change colour of your facebook account,see the pictures above.Isn't they are so awesome.You can also have same look profile if you will follow,our instructions.

See,watching same facebook color and style each and everyday looks creepy,it is exactly like wearing same clothes for the whole year,or eating same for forever.isn't this so boring?Don't you want a good eye candy change in your profile?everybody of us wants.But the problem is lack of knowledge,nobody knows where such thing remain available,moreover nobody has time to search for such things specifically.

But we will tell you from where you can get it.


Modify the background associated with Facebook!

Facebook Background Changer is not really Associated with Facebook.

Characteristics: -

  • Include backgrounds from the pc -
  • Right click upon photos on the internet in order to save all of them as the background -
  • Replace the transparency on Facebook pages -
  • Replace the colour of Facebook's bar -
  • Improved with regard to Facebook Timeline

     User Reviews

    Very first, visit the extensions web page through simply clicking possibly the actual symbol or perhaps the "Change Background" hyperlink. If you fail to notice these types of hyperlinks when you are on Facebook, make certain the extension is actually set up.

    To modify your own background, pull an image from the pc and drop this within the dashed region. Even if you possess a image generally there, simply drop your brand-new image on the older one


    You actually may also utilize image which you discover on the web. Right click upon any kind of image and choose the "Set as Facebook Background" option. When the image is down loaded, you may be rerouted towards the options page.


    1. Transparency
    2. Background Sharing
    3. Background display
    You actually may even modify Facebook header colour.

    To alter the colour of Facebook's header, make use of the colour picker on the options page. The brand new colour will never be stored till the "choose" button is actually clicked on.
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