By default,Firefox browsers are set to save all Browsing history,cache & cookies,but we're about to change all that.
Though,all these can be deleted manually,it's much more better having the job done automatically
To do this,just follow the instructions below carefully…
  1. Launch Firefox browser
  2. At the top-left-corner,click on the Firefox button and select “Option” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Next,click on the “Privacy” and right below the “History” section,select Use Custom Settings for History.
  4. Check the box which states “Clear History when Firefox Exits”,then confirm it(OK).
So,if you'd like to further customize the browser to delete specific datas,just click on “Settings” which is right next to the option in the last step above i.e “Clear History when Firefox Exits”.
Finally,choose which datas to delete upon exiting the browser and “OK” it.
That's it.
Now,each time you exit your browser,all datas will be deleted without leaving any traces behind.

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